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Webster Limited’s walnut winners
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Webster Limited’s walnut winners

Walnut grower Webster Limited expects a big improvement from its 2016-17 harvest.

Walnut grower Webster Limited expects a big improvement from its 2016-17 harvest.

The Tasmanian-linked agribusiness recently told the ASX  it expected  a harvest of about 5.4 tonnes per hectare from its corporate owned, productive orchard area of 1329 hectares.ON THE RISE: Webster Limited's walnut harvest has been much stronger this year.

The 2015-16 harvest produced 2.9 tonnes per hectare from a productive orchard area of 1049 hectares.

That crop was much less than hoped, due to problems in New South Wales.

“Walnut yields have been significantly impacted, we believe, by abnormally hot climatic conditions in the Riverina and other parts of south-east Australia at the time of pollination, particularly in the late flowering varieties,” chairman Chris Corrigan said last year.

”These conditions have brought about a lack of synchronisation between the male catkins and the female flowers, causing several varieties to abort high percentages of non-fertile nuts.”

Webster grows walnuts  in Tasmania and New South Wales and has significant agricultural land and water  assets in New South Wales.

Leeton-based Webster told the ASX its cotton yield was expected to be about 10.5 bales per planted  hectare, compared to 13.28 bales per hectare in 2015-16.

On the plus side, it had 11,715 hectares planted this year, compared to 8167 last year.

It said it had forward sold 105,000 bales from the current season at $513 per bale.

Webster made an $80.7 million loss for 2015-16, due to a writedown of goodwill.

It made an underlying operating profit before tax of $14.9 million.

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